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Moving made simpler.

You started with the realization, “I need a moving company.” Now, you've already found one of the top rated local moving companies, and the world's best place to make your move simpler. Regardless of size or distance, Miami Furniture Assembly home movers are at work every day, moving people and belongings.

From Families to Businesses

Families, corporations, government employees and the military personnel all have reasons to go new places. Since 2000, Miami Furniture Assembly has gained a reputation as the trusted residential mover and corporate relocation expert. When you're ready to go, Miami Furniture Assembly is the experienced moving company to take you there.

Moving Done Right

Moving from one home to another is never easy. Yet, because every day is moving day for us, we're constantly learning the best new ways to make your move easier.

We Service:

Residential Moving

Trust Miami Furniture Assembly agents for local  moving with secure storage for your belongings between one home and the next.

Local Moves

Miami Furniture Assembly Agents know local moving. Many have served their communities for generations. No one is better equipped to help you with a local move. 

Florida Moving

Miami Furniture Assembly long-distance movers go any distance — within Florida, 


With Miami Furniture Assembly storage, your belongings are safe and ready for delivery when you need them. 

                                                                  PROHIBITED ITEMS


When you’re in the process of packing up all of your personal possessions for your next move, it’s important to know that some items cannot be included. Moving companies simply won’t transport a number of items in order to protect themselves and the rest of your possessions from harm during the trip to your new home. Before your professional movers arrive, make sure you haven’t packed up anything they won’t allow. Here’s what All American Moving and Storage can’t move:

                                                            HAZARDOUS MATERIALS

If it looks or smells dangerous, you can bet we won’t be piling it into the back of one of our trucks. Items that are considered hazardous include:

Aerosol cans
Car batteries
Charcoal/lighter fluid
Chemistry sets
Cleaning solvents

Darkroom chemicals
Fire extinguishers
Nail polish

Paint thinner
Pool chemicals
Sterno fuel
Scuba tanks
Weed killer

                                                                       PERISHABLE ITEMS

Transporting food goods can attract all sorts of critters and problems along the way, and moving these critters can put your food items – and your movers – at great risk. That’s why we won’t move items like:

Food that hasn’t been properly preserved
Frozen foods
Open containers of foodstuffs
Refrigerated food

                                      ITEMS OF PERSONAL OR SEMTIMENTAL VALUE

There are some items that need to be carried along with you when you move. If you have items of real personal or sentimental value, don’t risk anything happening to them by packing them along with the items in the back of our trucks. The items you shouldn’t put pack and put on the moving truck include:

Address books
Airline tickets
Car titles
Cell phones
Computer data or backup files
Family photographs
Financial documents
Home videos
Insurance policies
Keys (to anything)
Medical/dental records
School records
Work files 

                                                                      MOVING FAQ


Please Download Your Copy of "Your Rights & Responsibilities When You Move."

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