Furniture Installation & Assembly Frequently Asked Questions


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What services do you provide?

Miami Furniture Assembly provides on-site assembly and installation services for all types and brands of Home and Office Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Cubicles, Fixtures, Furnishings,  Sporting Goods, Closet Systems. Dis-assembly, product relocation, and reassembly services available. We also provide Hotel FF&E and Warehouse Storage.

​​Are you fully insured & Bonded? Yes!  

We are fully insured and Bonded.

​I'm a person of interest ie: Movie Star, Singer, Sport Athlete etc. Which will be the best way of communication?

Miami Furniture Assembly has provided many services which includes Concierge Services, Furniture Planning, Assembly and Installation, to Movie Stars, Miami Heat Athletes, Miami Dolphins Athletes, even Famous DJ's. Please have your Agent(s) call us directly at 786.474.6972 to schedule an Office visit at our location in Downtown Miami. All information is kept confidential.

What do you charge to assemble a product?

Our assembly pricing is EASY and AFFORDABLE. Not only are we cheaper than IKEA contractors, but we also provide professionalism and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please call us for an estimate. Miami 786-474.6972 The easiest way to receive additional quote for: non ready to assemble products ie:, is to fill out the contact form, or by calling 786.474.6972 or email us and we will provide an estimate by phone or email. 

Do you charge for Valet or Street Parking?

We understand that most Condos charges for guests to park their vehicles in the premises. Unfortunately we are providing a service and those fees will be added at the end of the services. This will also include South Beach, Public Parking Garages in Downtown or vicinity areas like (Dade, Broward & West Palm Beach)

How can I schedule an assembly appointment?

Call us Miami 786-474.6972 or email us when you’re ready to have your item assembled or ahead of time if you know the arrival date of your product. Clients are scheduled according to availability, on a first come-first serve basis, usually within 24-48 hours of us receiving notification that the product has arrived on-site, and ready to be assembled.

What if, I did not receive all my items when the assembler arrives?

It is the customer responsibility to call the office and reschedule the entire assembly.  If the assembler has to go back out to install/service the furniture’s, there will be a onetime service charge of $55.00 plus $20/hr to complete the assembly. It's important for the customer to call us in advance to re-schedule, in order to avoid these additional cost.

What if the assembler can not finish the work and have to come back out?

In most cases, this would probably be due how late the assembly has taken. In this case there would be no charge for the customer to have the assembler go out within 2-3 days to finish the services. Usually, the next day is always best.

Is there a minimum service call fee?

Our Minimum Service fee in Miami-Dade & Broward county is $65.00


Are there any travel charges? 

Travel charges are included in the quote.

What are your payment terms?

For Home clients-Payment is to be made by cash or credit cards with valid ID on the day of service- immediately after the services are rendered. Customer can pay online or invoicing. For Business clients-Payment is to be made by business check, invoice, cash, credit cards. As of November 1st, 2014 we will no longer be accepting personal checks.

Failure to pay for services.

For Home Owners-We use a second party invoice company that helps us collect the amount due after the assembly or installation. You, the customer will have up to 24 hours to pay for the services. After the 24 hours, the 2nd party invoicing company will begin charging $25.00 per day fee until the payment is collected in full. For Businesses after 3rd day. After 30 days of non-payment your account will go into collections. If the amount is greater than $500.00 a lien will be placed in your with interest of 7.5% per month, until interest and payment is collected in full.

Can I tip the installer(s)?

Absolutely! Over the years our installers have received many tips from clients like you. That's just one of the wonderful ways our clients show they're pleased with our services. Another way our clients show their appreciation is by writing positive reviews of our services. A good ole' fashioned hand shake, pat on the back, and words of kindness are readily accepted too! We always appreciate the monetary, written, and verbal, generosity of our clients!

​As a client, what is my role, and how can I help to ensure the service goes smoothly?  

If applicable...we request several things of the client: If you live/work in a "gated community,"  -on the scheduled day of service, please inform the guard ahead of time that Miami Furniture Assembly personnel will be arriving to perform service at your home/business location. When we arrive, someone over the age of 18 must be there to let us in and remain in house/on-site during services. Make sure the room or office has enough working room for our installers. A good rule of thumb is to have 3-4 times the amount of working room space for every 1 item built. Please have/provide adequate lighting in the room(s) the installers are working in. Please adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature in the room or office the installers are working in. For safety reasons please keep all other persons/pets/children out of the installation-work area until the project has been completed in full and we have left the premises. If you would you like a 30 minute call prior to our arrival "courtesy call," please let the office know when scheduling service. Please have all products pre-placed in whatever room it/they will remain in once built. We do not move cartons or products from room to room, or up/downstairs without additional fees. All employees must keep their shoes on at all time. Please let us know in when we arrive if you want our assemblers & Installers to wear foot booty"s. 

Will the installer(s) move the flat packed product carton after delivery?

Each service call is tailored to the needs of the individual client and situation. Ordinarily, we ask that prior to our arrival, the flat packed cartons be pre-placed in the room the furniture/product will remain in once built. However, many times due to health reasons or age, our clients are incapable of lifting these cartons into the respective room. In those instances with advance notification, for an additional fee, we will be happy to relocate your flat packed carton(s) elsewhere on the same floor within the home or office. For relocation to different level, a $29.00 fee (5 boxes max) will be included in the final bill. 

As a client, Can I assist the installers with assembly and/or installation tasks?

Unfortunately  NO. Due to strict liability reasons, we cannot allow our clients to physically assist us with any projects. For jobs that require heavy lifting or multiple tasks we use 2 or more installers for the job.

Does Miami Furniture Assembly provide pickup and delivery services?

YES! We will be happy to pick up and deliver your pre-paid items from any retailer in Miami Dade, Broward & West Palm Beach comties. Pick-up and delivery fees start at $129.99 and vary according to individual client requests, size of load, etc. You may choose pick up/delivery only, or in conjunction with assembly.

How long does it take to assemble an item?

Assembly times range anywhere from 10 minutes for chairs to several hours for a large executive office with multiple pieces. Note: Products that the retailer or manufacturer suggest be affixed or securely wall mounted take longer and are usually included additional fees.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes! We provide 60-day warranty on all of our assembly and installation services (new/unopened product only). Client signature on invoice and payment in full is necessary to activate our service warranty. Services performed on existing client furniture or product beyond 60 day warranty will incur; $55.00 to $65.00 per hour rates, depending on location. Up to 30-days warranty provided for existing or opened product.  Please read- Warranty does not cover customer abuse of furniture.

What if an item is discovered to be broken, missing, or defective at the time of service?

Immediately upon arrival of your product, please inspect the item carton or packaging for any obvious signs of damage. In addition, please compare the received order against the original receipt to ensure that the furniture or product is exactly what you ordered, i.e., quantity, type, model, color, etc. Miami Furniture Assembly personnel are not responsible for any discrepancies or damages beyond our control, e.g., incorrect-measurements by the client, concealed damages, damages due to factory defects, shipping mishandling, retail store mishandling, delivery mishandling, missing parts, wrong item, wrong color, etc. If a problem is discovered during an assembly at a client's home or place of business, our installer will notify the client immediately. The client upon notification may elect to have the furniture built with (slight defects only) or may choose to have the item(s) replaced by contacting the original place of purchase or the manufacturer. (We can assist with this step). If, at the time of assembly/installation, the client chooses to replace or exchange the item(s) and instructs our service personnel to discontinue the service, the client will only be charged for the pro-rated amount of work done, and will be instructed to reschedule when the missing pieces or new items arrive. If no work can be performed- an $45/hr will be collected for time lost, travel, etc. Regarding broken or missing parts relative to any furniture's- We will collect a pro-rated amount for the percentage portion of the furniture that has been assembled, even if the furniture cannot be used. We will return when the items has arrived and complete the assembly and charge the remaining amount due as per the quote that was given. It is up to the client to inspect the new pieces/parts to ensure our re-visit is not in vain. A 3rd revisit (through no fault of our own) will be charged at our regular rates $65.00 per hour.

Will the installer(s) remove the empty packaging after assembly? 

We do provide. "White Glove Services" which include the removal of any garbage, cardboard boxes, vacuuming, and furniture cleaning for an additional fee of $75.00. If you choose not to buy the "White Glove Service" we will then place the cardboard or rubbish neatly in area of your home of your choosing . If you desire "White Glove Services" please inform us in advance if you wish to have these service included with your assembly order. We will always ensure that the work area is left in a clean and in tidy condition after completing your assembly.

Do you purchase supplies-products, or perform shopping on behalf of your clients? 

Yes, we do provide concierge. Please call at 786.474.6972 for details.

Do you sell furniture or receive shipments on behalf of clients?

NO - we do not sell furniture or carry product inventory of any kind. We sell assembly and installation SERVICES only. We do receive shipments and provide storage on behalf of clients. In this case-all services would be pre-paid in advance.  Call the office Miami 786.474.6972 for details or questions regarding above.

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